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Get Started on the Path to College Success

Going to college is the dream of many and higher education should be no less attainable for neurodivergent students, or for those with a diagnosis of a learning disability and/or a related disorder.


The college process, however, is getting more and more complex can seem especially overwhelming when adding special needs to the mix. 

Unfortunately, less than 40% of autistic students who enroll in a 2- or 4-year college, or vocational program, complete their degree. Students reported feeling unprepared for the academic, social, and independent-living expectations encountered at college, as reasons for not completing their degrees, according to Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN).

I offer guidance and coaching from the very start, through the application process, until you are on your way as a college freshman and beyond. I work closely with students and parents to identify needs, strengths and wishes, and will help guide the process forward. 

My goal is for you to go to a college where you feel accepted, where you can be successful, and to succeed both academically and socially once there. 

This involves:​

  1. Identifying the right school for you and submit a successful application

  2. Build people skills and self-advocacy skills that will help you make positive connections with peers, speak with professors, and get the accommodations you deserve

  3. Strengthen executive function skills, to avoid overwhelm with course loads, a new environment, and to start building an independent life

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Executive Function Skills

The Right School

People Skills

College Success

Pay for what you need
There is no need to commit to a comprehensive package if that is not right for you. 
You can pick from the below services and choose what applies to you at an hourly rate, or you can choose a package if that suits your needs better. 
Custom packages are available of course!

Hourly College Consulting


This is a good choice for families who need limited assistance, or have specific questions or concerns. ​

Some of the things I can assist with:

  • Identify a list of schools based on student profile

  • Provide additional information about school on an already compiled list

  • Guidance on how to best present yourself to a school

  • Guidance for college visits and demonstrated interest

  • Guidance on navigating accommodations and disability services in college​

Social Skills

College acceptance is only one piece of the puzzle. In order to be successful in college, forming positive relationships and self advocacy is crucial. ​

  • People skills, aka social communication skills, coaching addressing:​​

    • how to make friends in college​

    • ​how to make deeper friendships​

    • how to engage in small talk

    • how to find a roommate (if that is the right choice for you)

    • how to get along with a roommate 

    • manage expectations for dorm living (if applicable)

  • Self Advocacy​

    • how to get the accommodations you need​

    • how to speak with professors about your accommodations and needed

  • Weekly check-ins and guidance as neeed

To get the most out of social skills coaching, it is recommended that it is provided before starting college, during senior spring or the summer before starting college, leading into freshman fall as needed.

Executive Function

Studying and potentially living on campus is a large leap from high school and living at home. Self motivation, setting priorities, managing course loads, while having time for social interaction can be challenging. Add to that, that you may now need to take care of your own laundry and figure out when and where to eat.

  • Executive Function coaching can address

    • how to organize your time

    • how to keep track of assignments

    • how to prioritize assignments and coursework

    • weekly check-ins for accountability


College Profile Consultation - 2 hours

During these sessions, we will:

  • go over learning and academic history

  • go over current IEP or academic support

  • go over current evaluations

  • go over student writing sample and transcripts

  • go over student's strengths, accomplishments, and activities ("Bragg Sheet")

  • interview with student and family

  • complete a college profile, including "wishes", "must haves", and "no-gos"

  • provide general guidance about the college planning and application process

  • recommendations for next steps

Comprehensive Right School for Me Package 

This includes the College Profile Consultation and The Right Schools for Me Packages PLUS, 18-20 weekly sessions completing the college applications, including: 

  • college application, using the Common App (or other application method) ​

  • guidance for college visits and demonstrated interest

  • guidance for navigation of accommodations and contact with college disability

  • college application timeline management

  • essay guidance & editing

  • creating a resume

  • supplemental essays guidance & editing

  • interview prep if appropriate

  • guidance if waitlisted or deferred

  • guidance when comparing acceptance offers

After each session we will decide together what the focus for the following session should be. You will be asked to complete appropriate steps between sessions. 

Right Schools for Me Package - 2 + 4 hours

This includes the College Profile Consultation PLUS:

  • customized list of colleges is carefully researched to take into account:

    • student profile

    • learning and academic history

    • support needs

    • strengths, wishes and priorities

  • careful review of each college will be done together

  • recommendations for college visits will be provided

College Success add-ons

As an add on to any of the Right School for Me packages, you can choose to add on Social Skills sessions and/or Executive Function coaching sessions. 

  • Sessions can be booked on an ad hoc basis, as needed, or in packages of 5, 10 or 15 sessions

Custom Packages

Please contact us to discuss what you need for custom packages!

How do I make friends in college?

"I worry that my son or daughter won't make any friends...."

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